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Dave first learned of Down The Road in 2006 while crashing on Chris Gordon’s couch after screening Invisible Children in Richmond, VA. He’s had a heart for the project ever since. After spending 2 years in San Diego working for Invisible Children as an Assistant Editor, and fulfilling a childhood dream of learning how to surf, Dave is looking forward to editing the Down The Road film this summer at the Serac Adventure Film studio. Since December of 2007, Dave has lived the nomadic life spending time in Houston, Vail, Denver and Boulder. He’s discovered he’s more of a water-man than a mountain-man and longs to return to the waves someday. He loves stories and believes everyone has one. Dave hopes to tell stories through his own production company someday. He believes life is a journey and the journey is the destination. He has learned the greatest thing in life is to love and be loved. Dave thinks reading is awesome and he thinks Polaroid pictures are awesome too. Dave is excited to move back to Texas after he finishes Down The Road to be close to his new lady, Laine.